About Sabka Dentist:

Sabka Dentist is a chain of dental clinics that provides affordable dental treatments. Sabka Dentist in has 100 Dental Clinics across Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmadabad and Bangalore. We provide all dental treatments like RCT – Root Canal, Cleaning, Scaling, Extractions, Dental Crown, Dental Bridge, Implants, Braces and other dental treatments.

We try to make dentistry available, accessible and affordable for the common man. We aspire to be the answer to the standard question : Can you recommend a good dentist near me?

We make Dental Treatment affordable by innovatively engaging with consumer finance companies and banks to provide dental treatments which can be paid in easy installments  (EMIs).

Why Sabka Dentist?

  • We have good dentists who provide good dental treatment
  • Our pricelist for dental treatment is available online to ensure you know the price of dental treatment clearly.
  • We are your nearby dentist because we have 100 dental clinics across Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad Bangalore.
  • We provide all dental treatments like Braces (Orthodontics), Implants, Root Canal (RCT), Crown and Bridges.

Our Pillars

The Foundation of our Network:


We are your nearby Dentist because we have :
Dentist in Mumbai
Dentist in Bangalore
Dentist in Pune
Dentist in Ahmedabad
Dentist in Surat
Dentist in Gandhinagar


We provide Dental Checkup at No Charge, Price of Dental Treatments are fixed and
Cost of Dental Treatments are online. We provide Dental Treatment on EMI so your can pay for dental treatment in installments.


Strict sterilization and high quality treatment standards are ensured across the network by the clinic management and auditing teams.

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