Can smoking cause yellowing of teeth?

smoking makes teeth yellow

One must understand that smoking tobacco cigarettes, hukka, pipe or any other form of smoking yellows your teeth, but what causes this to happen?

Many people seem to blame nicotine for yellowing teeth because even though nicotine itself is colorless, it takes on a yellow color when it is exposed to the oxygen in the air. This is unlikely to be the main cause of yellowing teeth among smokers because nicotine is also water soluble and not very likely to stick to your teeth very well.

The main cause of discoloration among smoker’s teeth is actually the tar. As tar and other chemical residue build up, it finds its way into the enamel in your teeth and eventually leads to the yellowish brown color associated with smoking.

However, there are a few ways that nicotine itself might indirectly lead to yellowing teeth such as by reducing saliva production, but this appears to either play a very minor role if it has any effect at all in the yellowing of smoker’s teeth. It’s doubtful that nicotine on its own will cause yellowing, but not enough is known about it to say for sure.

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