Making a great first impression

According to a recent survey conducted by an academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the first impression you make is primarily dependent on your smile. So, when it comes to the job that you have been dreaming about, you must remember that your smile is as important as your resume. You need to flash those pearly whites to make a positive first impression.

As per the survey, approximately 48% of people consider a smile to be the most impressive and memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time. A smile is more popular than the vocabulary of a person. 25% of the people considered vocabulary to be important. Dressing sense was the third popular feature with 9% and the way a person smell was at 8%.

However, not every person’s smile makes a positive first impression. Your smile must be appealing and desirable to make an impactful first impression. The survey disclosed that people with stained or crooked teeth are viewed in a condescending way. According to 37% of the respondents, people who have crooked or stained teeth are considered to be less attractive. As a matter of fact, 25% of the survey participants viewed people with stained or crooked teeth as less confident than people with desirable teeth.

Other than being a reminder to smile at a job interview, networking forum or any other business event, this survey also serves as a gentle reminder to smile in all head shots for LinkedIn, Twitter and social media display profiles to make you stand out from the crowd and give your personality an overall boost.

Even when you meet someone for a personal interaction, your smile has an immediate influence on how the person reacts and warms up to you. An interesting fact is that it takes only about 30 seconds for a judgment to get cemented in someone’s mind because of which you don’t really get a second chance to make a positive lasting impression. A relaxed demeanor with a good smile will most likely result in the other person thinking that you are trustworthy and genuine.

Flashing a big wide smile displays a great amount of cheerfulness, confidence and warmth coupled with sending out positive vibes. It is a common practice for people to deduce that you are friendly, accepting, intelligent, resourceful, honest, and trustworthy when you smile genuinely.When you smile often, you feel more positive and happy, which can radiate out to others and spread the positive vibes. Healthy and clean teeth also focus attention to good personal hygiene and overall vitality.

You need to maintain good oral health in order to keep your teeth white and smiles bright. Oral health is vital for overall fitness as well, as infections in the mouth can often travel to other parts of your body, giving you different health issues.

So, what must you do to maintain good oral hygiene?Brushing is an integral part of maintaining good dental hygiene. Brushing primarily helps in keeping plaque and tartar at bay. Rinsing the mouth after eating food which is acidic in nature and chewing sugarless gums are good habits to have. A wide range of whitening and mouth rehabilitation treatments are available at Sabka Dentist clinics to lift your smile’s face value.

Most importantly, you must visit your Dentist every 6 months for a Dental Check Up for a Healthy 32. Click here to book your appointment now.

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