How cavity affect your health?

woman with teeth cavity

Do you think that dark black hole on your teeth can be easily sealed and it will not affect your health? It may be true that a cavity can be easily treated but it can affect your health in many ways.

Many people in India develop cavities as normal as common cold and Flu. But dental health is different from the other health of your body. Other parts can recover cells tissues, but the teeth can not do this. This makes dental health crucial. The Infected part of the tooth cannot be brought back to the original shape. However, it can be restored by some other artificial methods.

How the cavity can affect your health?

  • Spreads Infection to the surrounding teeth-

Cavity caused by the acids produced by the bacteria. Naturally many kinds of bacteria present in our mouth. Usually, it won’t harm your teeth when it is balanced and washed off in time. The activities such as brushing and Flossing will remove the plaque and reduce bacteria.

If you already have the cavity means it is a shelter for those bacterias. If it is not treated it will continue to invade other healthy teeth. Though it is a small pit getting it filled will help to keep the remaining tooth healthy.

  • The throbbing pain can take away your good mood-

Do you remember the toothache in your childhood that kept you away from chocolates? Without further notice, An untreated cavity can become severe and has the ability to take away your sleep. Dental emergencies are one of the tough times as explained by the patients.

  • Social embarrassing-

Tooth decay, especially in the exterior, gets all the attention in your next party. It is a serious threat if your much concerned about your aesthetic. It put people at low self-esteem. Many people admit that they became self-conscious to smile as they want. However, there are remedies that can give a good smile as it was earlier.

  • Infection to another part of the body-
  • Infective endocarditis:

It is a heart disorder in which oral bacteria enter your bloodstream and stick to the lining of diseased heart valves causing blockage and infection.

  • Heart attack or stroke:

Gingivitis (gum inflammation due to bacteria) may cause inflammation throughout the body and thus playing a role in developing clogged arteries or blood clots. This can cause a heart attack or stroke.

  • Insulin resistance:

In cases where diabetes is poorly controlled, it can increase the risk of gum diseases. This infection in the bloodstream can cause insulin resistance and disrupt blood sugar control.

  • Dementia:

Poor oral health can affect the brain. Substances that are released from gums inflamed by infection can actually kill brain cells and lead to memory loss.

Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dementia and possibly even Alzheimer’s disease can result from gingivitis when the bacteria in the mouth spreads to the nerve channels or enters the bloodstream”.

  • Respiratory Infections:

The respiratory system can suffer as a result of poor oral health. Bacteria in the mouth from infected teeth and swollen gums can be breathed into the lungs or travel there through the bloodstream. Once there the bacteria can lead to respiratory infections, pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and even COPD.

Dr. Jena Shah Dental director of Sabka dentist says “The risk of kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, and blood cancers is much higher for people who have poor oral health”.

  • Cancer:

Obviously, poor oral health practices such as smoking or using tobacco products can lead to oral and throat cancers, but other types of cancer have also been linked to gum disease.

Dr. Reena Waghela dental director of Sabka dentist says “Chronic kidney disease is a serious health problem that affects the kidneys, heart, bones, and blood pressure. Infections in the body such as periodontal disease can lead to kidney disease”.

  • Kidney Disease:

People with gum disease generally have weaker immune systems and are more likely to acquire infections. Many people who suffer from very poor oral health also suffer from kidney disease. Kidney disease can be fatal if it leads to kidney failure or cardiovascular disease.

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