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One of the biggest chains of Oral healthcare when it comes to the best Dentist in Colaba. Here we treat each of our patients with the topmost priority. It is always good to maintain oral hygiene and preserve and for this, we provide treatments at a very affordable cost. Dental Clinic in Colaba will amaze you with the most painless and fast most of the modern dentistry manner.

The dental clinic in Colaba gives a high quality of implant, preventive, restorative, and conventional dentistry. Our dedication to these goals provides individual with unique service with the topmost level of dental hygiene,our dentist in Colaba provide a comfortable and pampering environment. At Sabka Dentist Dental clinic in Colaba, you will find a welcoming atmosphere with warm, friendly staff with total transparency.

Dentist in Colaba believes “life is short, smile when you still have teeth” our only motive is to get the root of the problem and solve them with its best care solution. That’s why the dentist in Colaba suggests each of their patients take dental checkups every 6 months to avoid floss because for us smile is more important!

Facilities at Dental Clinic in Colaba Mumbai

Dental checkup & Consultant :

Dentist in Colaba provides free Consultation and Checkup to everyone and accordingly, treatment is explained to the patient so that the problem can be cured.

Digital Radiovisiography (RVG) :

We are using the latest imaging technique with minimum radiation exposure to the patient, which is an easy way of doing Xray scans this also saves time and digital image can also be saved for a future dental checkup.


Extractions are a basic service for removal of decayed teeth, when teeth become unrestorable through tooth decay or when teeth are removed for clinical reasons. This is performed by our well-trained doctors to give painless treatment.

Oral Surgery:

Oral surgery is performed by our oral surgeons who are qualified MDS oral surgeons and experienced.

Cleaning and Scaling of Teeth:

We recommend that for strong and healthy teeth one must get a cleaning every 6 months. We use an ultrasonic device to remove tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth which is followed by polishing of the teeth.

Cavity Filling:

Cavities are not good for your teeth is again not a sign of a healthy tooth to get recover from this our dentist in Colaba uses the best quality imported resins to fill cavities which are long-lasting.

Replacing missing teeth:

Missing teeth can cause shifting of bite pressure onto other teeth, which can, over time, cause these teeth to move into space the missing tooth once occupied. We recommend replacing missing teeth with Dental Crowns, Bridges or Implants which are fixed prosthetics. And sometimes also with dentures when fixed prosthetics are not possible.

Orthodontic Treatments & Braces:

Misaligned teeth and teeth with gaps in between can be corrected using Braces or Orthodontics.

Periodontics or Treatment of the Gums:

Gums are treated in case of infections or gum disease or periodontitis.

Root Canal Treatment or RCT:

In simple words, Root Canal Treatment is the process of saving the tooth and eliminating toothache by removing infected soft tissue within the affected tooth and replacing it with an artificial inert “filling” material. We have special experts or endodontists who are experts at root canal treatment.

Other treatments:

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How to find a Dentist in Colaba?

Your dentist is a health care provider, similar to your personal physician. As we should know the importance of finding the perfect doctor, similar it’s true when it comes to the Dentist. From children to adults, all individuals should need to feel their trust in dentists.

As going to a dentist gives us fear but fear should not be a part of dental visits. When you have a good dentist, a dental appointment will not be a worrisome experience. A good dentist inspires trust and confidence in his patients.

So here are 10 tips to choose your Dentist in Colaba:

  • Approachable & Friendly Personality
  • Convenient location (From home/office)
  • Affordable fees
  • Continuity of care on each visit
  • Good communication & conversation
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Modern Dental technology
  • Emergency & same-day appointment
  • All dental service under at one single place
  • Easy payment & EMI option

All these are the key factors before choosing the perfect dentist in Colaba and also a Dental clinic in Colaba. At Sabka dentist all our centers use the same technology, instrumentation, facilities, and services.

The similar way our dental clinic in Colaba assures a top of the line equipment like lasers, Physiodispensers, Micro Processor Controlled Endodontic Equipments and other advanced technologies, which makes our dentist in Colaba works efficiently to give a satisfying result.

How Sabka dentist in Colaba can help?

Sabka dentist is one of the largest chains of dental healthcare centers in India. With its top-notch, we have 100+ clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad and Bangalore with almost 550 and counting experts overall. All our dentists are qualified and experienced from the best Institutes and Hospital
Sabka Dentist, a dental clinic in Colaba Mumbai believes in improving the overall health of society. And to do this we provide Free dental Checkups and consultation free and also a low-cost preventive oral care like cleanings and scalings are provided.

We at Sabka dentist have treated 1 Million people in India and counting is increasing each day. We keep following up with our existing patients to ensure that they come for preventive checkups every 6 months. And also build up new patients each day by offering our unique facilities. Our customer important focus has earned us recognition as one of the best dental clinics in India.

We give our consistent performance & plan to upgrade every day in all aspects of Oral care for this we use high-quality materials from companies like Kodak, 3M, Dentsply, Coltene Whaledent, Nobel Biocare, ADIN, etc. Our doctors are trained and skilled at using the latest technology.

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