"I got my cleaning done here and I liked it very much"

I got to know about Sabka dentist through Divya Bhaskar. I got my cleaning done here and I liked it very much. I will come her for my bridge treatments as well.
Sahida Patel

"I am very satisfied with the treatment."

I came to know about Sabka dentist through my sister. Earlier I had got a silver filling done at some other clinic had I had terrible pain in that tooth. After treatment my pain vanished. I am very satisfied with the treatment.
Shirin Patel

"Good service. Very happy."

I came to Sabka dentist through Divya Bhaskar.I have started braces procedure here. Doctors and staff is very co-operative and helpful. I have referred my family members here. Good service. Very happy.
Rubina Patel

"Would recommend all my friends and relatives"

Came to know about the clinic through a friend that got her treatment here . Extremely cooperative and friendly staff. Appointments and assistance given as per requested every time. Each and every query is attended to. Would recommend all my friends and relatives. A big thanks to the doctors
Niamah Abbas

“Gave me big smile which I always longed for”

When I had come to Sabka dentist I had so many apprehensions regarding finding a solution for my deep bite. As it had affected my looks as well as my speech. Sabka dentist gave me a thorough consultation without saying any issue and doubts.
  Regarding Staff: All the doctors at the clinic are very friendly and open to giving dental explanation with the procedures given. They provide all the possible solutions and diagnosed issues thoroughly and, that’s how come to the final conclusion for giving veneers and crown as the last necessary in my case seeing my age and level going with other alternatives.
  Doctor at the clinic: The doctor has been a big supporter. The doctor has been a thorough professional and very friendly, one to listen to all my apprehensions and giving me big smile which I always longed for!
Keep it up Sabka dentist team!
Shiehe Nego

“Very much satisfied with the treatment”

Had a very good experience, very much satisfied with the treatment. The doctor was excellent in her work. Staff is very good.

“I am really satisfied with overall Sabka dentist services.”

I, Pooja Goswami, had root canals and fillings with [Sabka dentist]. I came with lot of pain and was scared about injection and other medical issues but the way the doctor at Sabka dentist handled me with care, affection and warmth was really touching and took away the fear almost of dental processes. To my surprise, two dental assistants were really professional which I have never come across in any other dental clinics. I hope this treatment goes good long way. I am really satisfied with overall Sabka dentist services.
Pooja Goswami

“I am very happy with the staff & quality of service provided”

I Ms. Ronald Louis got mu fillings done at Sabka dentist at Malad (W). I am very happy with the staff & quality of service provided. I would happily suggest Sabka dentist to any of my friends & family.
Ms. Ronald Louis

“Extremely friendly environment”

Extremely friendly environment, and excellent care and attention given to us by the doctors
Phlp & Archawa

“There has been a visible improvement on the upper teeth and she is looking nice.”

This is Zoya’s mother, Zoya is a patient of Sabka dentist and I am satisfied with the treatment of the orthodontist as she has crooked teeth. There has been a visible improvement on the upper teeth and she is looking nice. The doctors are all very friendly. I am very much satisfies with all the staff.
Thanks Sabka dentist
Zoya’s mother

“My experience with the clinic was very good, hygiene is given upmost importance”

This is Kunal Doshi, I had got scaling done at Sabka dentist & my experience with the clinic was very good, hygiene is given up-most importance. I am very happy with the treatment rendered to me.
Kunal Doshi

“They help the patient in the right ways and I feel like coming here”

I Alisha Thorgdkar, have done almost all treatment in this clinic, from examination to braces. The staff is very cooperative. They help the patient in the right ways and I feel like coming here from [because of the] treatment as well as the interaction with the staff as they make us feel very comfortable. I am very happy with this clinic and would like to appreciate them in all ways. The best doctors and the best clinic.
Alisha Thorgdkar

“I have had experiences of at least four dentist clinics in various cities, but this is the best amongst all”

I really like the overall experience here in this clinic. I have had experiences of at least four dentist clinics in various cities, but this is the best amongst all. From punctuality of attending patient on appointed time. And behavior of all the staff is really good, especially the doctor. This good attitude towards patients helps to deal with fear factors we have regarding the treatment. This is the reason I chose to continue here even after two years.
Preeti Gaikwad

“Sabka dentist has helped me get a clean and healthy smile.”

I have been choosy in taking Dental treatment. The doctor at Sabka dentist treated me for my dental ailment and fixed the bridge so nicely and fitted it so well! I profusely thank that the doctor and the team who gave the nice cooperation. Sabka dentist has helped me get a clean and healthy smile.
Mr. Sadanand D. Salvi, Retd. Gen. Manager, Reserve Bank of India

“Getting an appointment was a piece of cake”

I am happy with the treatment. Doctor was nice to me and did her best to suppress my pain and the entire process throughout my treatment. The best part is getting an appointment was a piece of cake! I am with Sabka dentist & its team.
Stella Dutta

“The treatment was very comfortable”

Dr. was very good, no pain at all. The treatment was very comfortable and not very time consuming. The doctor was very kind, takes good care of the patient.
Meerakshi Maltan

“I was very happy”

I was very happy with the different visits I paid to the clinic. Everyone was very courteous and pleasant. It was a pleasant experience having doctor attend to me. She was extremely helpful and reassuring! Wish her and the team all the best in their work at Sabka dentist. God bless you all!
Maria Xavier

“Never felt satisfaction anywhere like here”

Very nice experience at Sabka dentist. The Doctor did nice work on my teeth without any pain and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much for your wonderful treatment. Never felt satisfaction anywhere like here. Thank you
Jayasree Menon

“Friendly and professional approach towards my issue.”

It’s been a wonderful experience being part of Sabka dentist treatment here in pune. After a lot of years, I got a perfect treatment for my two prevailing dental issues. Thanks a lot for friendly and professional approach towards my issue.
Dhruv Pawar

“Wonderful experience at Sabka dentist”

All the times I came here, the treatment was done in a very good manner. Doctor’s here are very well trained to treat their patients very well.  Wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend people to come here if they have any tooth problem. Thanks a lot!! You made me smile!
Chandan Gopal

“Walking out knowing we can always come back is very assuring”

After a lot of researching all around Pune, I was guided to Sabka dentist. Applying for a national pageant and being a part of the glamour industry, having a beautiful smile was a requirement.   I was consulted well, all my queries were answered and I knew I was as the right place. I was happy with the discounts arranged for me. I along with my fiancé got treated here. Walking out knowing we can always come back if anything goes wrong is very assuring. As I write this with a broad perfect smile.
Ankita Thite

“Shall visit Sabka dentist again on my next visit to India”

I am a very very nervous patient! The doctor at Sabka dentist clinic was amazingly gentle, kind and also very informative during the entire procedure and assured me of top treatment right from the beginning. I got a short period of time and felt very comfortable throughout the procedure.I shall visit you again on my next visit to India for further treatment.
Arati Bhogale

“Proper advice about the treatment”

I am really grateful to Doctor at Sabka dentist for the attention given to my dental problem and proper advice about the treatment required in my case. Thanks a lot.
Ravindra Adkar

“Overall treatment at Sabka dentist is good”

My experience with treatment is very good. Doctors are very kind, accommodative and knowledgeable. Overall treatment is good. I will recommend Sabka dentist to my friends & relatives
Ravindra Shah

“Sabka dentist is very good clinic”

Hello I Sheryashi Avasthi came to Sabka dentist Koregaon Park clinic for cleaning. The doctor gave me good consultation and treatment. Sabka dentist is very good clinic. I had a very nice experience.
Sheryashi Avasthi

“I will recommend Sabka dentist to my friends, family members”

My experience of Sabka dentist Nal Stop branch was very good. The follow-up was done neatly. Doctors speaks very well with the patient. The treatment was not so expensive I like the treatment. I’m happy with the treatment. I will recommend Sabka dentist to my friends, family members.
Sumit Gokhale

“Very happy with the treatment”

Hello I’m Regnia Jones and I came to know of Sabka dentist through my friends. I went to Sabka dentist Koregaon Park clinic and the doctors here are very skilled and gave me their best treatment. I went to the clinic and immediately root canal was done for me and now I’m pain free and very happy with the treatment. Thank you Sabka dentist!
Regnia Jones

“The whole experience of getting a RCT was smooth & satisfying”

I got to know about Sabka dentist while browsing the internet regarding best clinics available in Pune for dental treatments. Sabka dentist was quick in responding to my query & the experience was very smooth & comfortable. The whole experience of getting a RCT was smooth & satisfying. The doctor who conducted the treatment was very professional & provided the best treatment needed for my tooth ache.
Sawiksha Upadhyay

“Gained my trust and Will definitely look forward to our next meeting”

I would like to thank Sabka dentist for a wonderful treatment at Sabka dentist Nallasopara East. I am very happy with my treatment at Sabka dentist. Before the treatment I was very tensed but the doctor at the clinic was very supportive and reassured me about my treatment. The treatment was done very nicely and she showed extra effort to make me feel more comfortable. I would like to thank Sabka dentist and the doctor at the clinic as the entire procedure was very comfortable and the doctor was very cooperative and careful. The entire treatment was done in a comfortable way. Thank u for your magic touch, professionalism and politeness, which made all the difference for me. Once again I would like to thank the doctor and supporting staff at Sabka dentist. Sabka dentist has gained my trust and will definitely look forward to our next meeting.

Keep it up!!!
Sarfaraz Shaikh
"You made it easy for a guy who was reluctant to visit a dentist - Thank you Sabka dentist ..."
"Very happy with Sabka dentist, will definitely recommend people here. Had a pain-free treatment ..."

"Very professional approach handled the whole treatment ..."

Hi there Very professional approach handled the whole treatment very well and patiently listened to our queries.
Saheed Khalid

"Nice doctors at Sabka dentist, very friendly ..."

Nice doctors at Sabka dentist, very friendly and supportive staff. Nice work.
R. D. Chopra

"Sabka dentist is very supporting and cooperative ..."

The dentist is very supporting and cooperative, did a good job and was excellent. Many thanks to him and his cooperative staff. Good doctors at Sabka dentist. Thanks and keep it up.
Reejuta Diwan

" treatment at Sabka dentist was a great experience"

The treatment at your Sabka dentist was a great experience. I am now friends with the treating dentist. The clinic is neat and has sophisticated equipment. Best of luck to the dentist and staff.
Jyoti Birje

"I appreciate the way the dentist conducted ..."

I appreciate the way the dentist conducted themselves, showed dedication towards their profession.
Neema Jha

"The services of the doctors at Sabka dentist are ..."

The services of the doctors at Sabka dentist are very good. My best wishes for your future development.
K. K. Maheshwar

"I am very pleased with the dental treatment ..."

I am very pleased with the dental treatment at your clinic and appreciate the efforts of the treating dentist.
Mr. Albert Machado

"Sabka dentist was very supportive and reassuring..."

Before the treatment, I was tensed and under pressure. The dentist at Sabka dentist was very supportive and reassuring. The tension disappeared during my root canal treatment and now I have the confidence to do more dental treatments. Thanks to the staff and dentist at your clinic.
Mrs. A. H. Wankhade

"Sabka dentist has good Dentists and staff ..."

I did scaling at Sabka dentist, the doctors was supportive. Thanks to him, I finished the treatment. Sabka dentist has good Dentists and staff.
Swati Lodha

"I am very happy with my treatment at Sabka dentist"

I am very happy with my treatment at Sabka dentist. Staff is very cooperative and careful. All the doctors are skillful in their work. I will definitely recommend Sabka dentist to my friends. Wish you best of luck.
Dhanashree Parab

"I felt good and comfortable at Sabka dentist ..."

I felt good and comfortable at Sabka dentist, the dentist took good care of me.
Nayana Uchil

"I was scared of visiting a dentist ..."

I was scared of visiting a dentist. At Sabka dentist, my fear disappeared; thanks to the attending dentist. The dentist explained the treatment in detail and my fear disappeared. I did two root canal treatments and scaling.
Sujal Parekh

"My smile was set the way I wanted ..."

Extremely happy with the response received at Sabka dentist. Very friendly treatment. The dentists are really good. My smile was set the way I wanted. Thanks to the dentist for all the good that was done to me.
Charmee K.

"The atmosphere is very friendly and cooperative ..."

I was scared of dental treatment but the dentist at Sabka dentist gave me the confidence and I went through the treatment. The atmosphere is very friendly and cooperative, support staff is good. I want to tell everyone to come to Sabka dentist, it is a great experience at an affordable price.
Sujata Otavanekar

"I am satisfied with the clinic, impressed by the skill"

I am satisfied with the clinic, impressed by the skill of the dentist at Sabka dentist clinic. Very cooperative and polite. I felt I came to the right place for a dental treatment.
Ranjna Verma

"all fear dental treatment… At Sabka dentist all such ..."

From kids to aged persons, all fear dental treatment. It is only a delusion that you die of pain. At Sabka dentist all such thoughts disappear, when their skilled and experienced dentist with their friendly approach make your smile wider than ever! Thanks... great job done.
Sagar Sheth

"Services are very cost-effective..."

My experience with Sabka dentist has been very fruitful and awesome. Very cooperative and efforts put in were meticulous. Services are very cost-effective. Thanks to the dentist at Sabka dentist, my smile is back, Cheers and all the best.
John Wesli

"I was extremely pleased with the dental treatment ..."

The following is my testimony of Sabka dentist – Bandra clinic and Dr.Ashish Pandit who treated me. I visited Sabka dentist clinic at Bandra with excoriating pain. I was examined and informed that I had to undergo a root canal treatment. I was very afraid. The Dentist treating me was amazing with his skill and experience. I went through the entire treatment without pain. I was extremely pleased with the dental treatment at the clinic and also impressed with the friendly atmosphere, co-operation of the support staff which was good. Sabka dentist is a BLESSING from above to our city Mumbai.
Ermina Pereira

"Sabka dentist changed my perception that tooth ..."

I am Sandeep Patel here currently working in Oracle Corporation and happened to visit one of Sabka dentist clinic at Andheri (East). I was diagnosed with a cavity and as the tooth was gone bad, I was recommended an extraction for one tooth and RCT treatment for another. I would like to appreciate and bring to your notice the efforts of Dr. Zarin Farooqui. She performed the tooth extraction in the most customer friendly way (with minimum pain) and due to her persistence agreed for a RCT treatment. She changed my perception that tooth treatment is a painful procedure and doctors of her ilk are an asset to your chain. I have recommended Sabka dentist services in my close circle of people who are suffering from dental pains. Infact, I have called my parents all the way from Gujarat so they can get dental treatment at Sabka dentist. Services offered by Sabka dentist are worth applauding and worth a mention. I am taking a time-out from my busy schedule to write the following mail as I think real dedication and hard work needs a mention. Keep up the good work. God bless you.
Sandeep Patel

"We have in the past had dental treatment in London ..."

My wife and I are in India on a holiday. Both of us went to your Vile Parle East branch for dental treatment and were treated by Dr Binita Patel. I may be understating but the way our treatment was carried out at Sabka dentist deserves full admiration. The whole process was explained very clearly and the dentist showed lots of patience and professionalism. We have in the past had dental treatment in London but the dental treatment and service provided by Sabka dentist was far superior. It would be my pleasure to recommend my friends and family members to undertake their dental treatment at Sabka dentist. Please pass my sincere appreciation and thanks to Sabka dentist & Dr. Binita Patel.
Jayanti Suchak

"I have heard the root canal is a very painful procedure ..."

I would like to share my experience which I had with the dentist and the staff at Sabka dentist at Goregaon (West) Mumbai. While going to my friends place, I happened to stop over at Sabka dentist to check out the services offered. The staff there patiently explained to me the services they offer at that center and answered all my queries. The treatment I received was very professional and caring. The receptionist made sure I did not miss my appointment and used to call me up to remind me. If I had any other engagement they would readily change the appointment for me. I am extremely happy with the services they provided to me. Initially I was quite skeptical but the dentist made sure I was comfortable during and after the procedure. I have heard the root canal is a very painful procedure but I did not experience any pain during the whole process. The dentist did my root canal, filling and cleaned my teeth and gave me advice regarding taking care of my teeth. She explained to me the harmful effects which pan masala has on our teeth and I have decided to quit eating tobacco after listening to her friendly advice. I am happy with the decision that I made and your caring staff members that made it easy for me.
Nimesh Parikh

"I found the entire process very hygienic, professional ..."

It is immensely pleasurable to share my feedback about Dr.Vivek Verma and his team. It was in mid of December when I met Dr. Vivek first during a camp in our office at CapGemini. During this routine check-up camp I was been diagnosed with a white patch on the inner side of my cheek. At age of 53, it was devastating to learn that such a patch may lead to 'cancer' soon if I did not discontinue with my pan masala habit. I should appreciate this young man's maturity and sound knowledge with which he explained me the disease and convinced me to quit pan-masala from the very same day. His sense of choosing appropriate words to explain is indeed impressive! Not only this, he also called me to the mulund clinic, prescribed me medicine and did the cleaning of my teeth. I found the entire process very hygienic, professional and yet with a human touch. Today, with hardly any price paid; I am living a new life when I see that white patch healing. And this is all possible due to Sabka dentist and its efficient team. I should congratulate you to own such a dynamic and professional team. I can see that soon sky will be the limit of success for team Sabka dentist and I am glad to be associated with it and will definitely refer it to all my acquaintances.
Nishat Sharma

"Record my appreciation the head dentist & ..."

I had visited "Sabka dentist" clinic Borivali(East) , Mumbai on 6th June, 2013. I want to place on record my appreciation the head dentist & his team for the ease with which they performed the surgery & completed the process. I wish this young doctor all the very best in his career. God bless him.
Asit Raizada

"Dentists are quite caring and efficient..."

My experience with Sabka dentist was good....the atmosphere was cordial....problems are explained with clarity.... Dentists at your Borivali – Chamunda Circle branch are quite caring and efficient....the cost of the entire treatment is also explained well in advance....thanks to Sabka dentist.
Clinton D’Souza

"Cost structure of Sabka dentist is very reasonable and ..."

Hi, I have visited your clinic at Chamunda Circle for dental check-up on 20.5.2013. The dentist attended for initial checkup. After checking she has explained me about the treatment required for my dental problem with the help of slides. She also explained cost structure and discounts offered. The treatment was commenced on the same day which included cleaning, root canal and fixation of cap and tooth filling. Entire treatment was completed on 6th July, 2013. During the treatment the dentist handled the treatment very carefully and in a professional manner. She has taken all precautions to complete the dental treatment perfectly. She is very soft spoken and caring personality. Cost structure of Sabka dentist is very reasonable and transparent. Overall I am satisfied with services provided by Sabka dentist. I wish to put on record my appreciation for the way Sabka dentist at Sion has provided treatment for me over the past eight months. I had two implants and one RPD procedure. Both were handled professionally and with great care. What impressed me too was the fact that the whole procedure and the expected results were explained to me with great patience, putting me at ease. The staff and Doctors were very courteous and ready to provide answers to my queries. Particularly my interaction with Dr. Karanjeet and Dr. Isha was very fruitful. Please keep up the good work. I wish there are more services like yours in the Health Care field.
Vinod Kumar Mahindru

"Really happy with the experience..."

Hello, Writing in to share my experience with Sabka dentist Andheri (West). People are very friendly. Dentists were awsome!! Really happy with the experience. Have already recommended a friend to Sabka dentist. Thank u so much Sabka dentist. Superb Experience!!!! Thank u once again,
Ms. Nishad Kadiri

"I was absolutely treated pain free during..."

Hello, I am very pleased with the services of Sabka dentist- Andheri SV Rd branch. I am very thankful to the dentist who took very good care of me. They attended to me with all special precautions and helped me to improve my dental health. I was absolutely treated pain free during all my extractions. The dentist were very kind, helpful and sincere and attended to me with utmost care. Hop they will take care of all their patients with the most attention they gave me. All the best to Sabka dentist. Thanks for restoring my smile back.
Vaishali & Sachin Parab

"I will not hesitate to recommend "Sabka dentist" ..."

I am from South India, Chennai, and I have spent few days in Mumbai briefly for holidays. I thought of browsing for a dentist and I found "Sabka dentist" attractive and made an appointment for tooth "Dentition". I work in CIS countries for the past 14 years, the choice of mine, for Sabka dentist, is completely a try since I have tried few dentists in the south and abroad- Sabka dentist- a magic touch with complete care! From start to finish, I found them good (very) and professional. The doctors are full of support and treated me with care in "Bandra West" unit. It is very affordable and they speak clear language with a "Smile" I will not hesitate to recommend "Sabka dentist" to my family and friends for honest, very cordial and politeness. I extend my personal thanks to Dr. Tania John for the care, healing-touch and professionalism
Saheed Khalid

"Dental Camp satisfied School Priciple ..."

THE ALEXANDRA GIRLS' ENGLISH INSTITUTION 31, Hazarimal Somani Marg, Mumbai � 400 001. TELEPHONE: 22072685 Email: alexandragei@yahoo.in �TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that under the able leadership of Mr. Vikram Vora, CEO, Sabka dentist, Dr. Faterna Kantawala, Dr. Narnan Shah and Dr. Ibrahim Khairgaonwala (Dental Assistants) conducted a dental camp to detect cavities and other dental problems in our Institution for the students of Stds. Lower K.G. to X on the 27th and 28th January 2014. Children requiring immediate dental treatment have been advised to visit their dentist for further follow-up. This camp has been conducted at no cost and we are deeply grateful to the team for this noble gesture. With Best Wishes. PRINCIPAL 28-1-2014 HP/kd
The Alexandra Girls' Engligh Institution.

"We are highly satisfied with their very approaches ..."

The belated feedback is regretted..due to unavoidable situation at my end. We attended Sabka dentist ,Colaba during Nov/Dec'13 and our feedback is all to the good. We found attending doctors Dr Monoj Shroff and Dr Ashwini Melhotra to be very caring ,sincere and highly professional. Their very attitude was so impressive and they appeared to us quite different from others in the business. We are highly satisfied with their very approaches,care taken ,handling situations and treatments given. In the front office , Sayali Mhadeshwar ma'am was very helping althrough and her very welcome approach as soon as we first entered the clinic was something special and impressive..our words of all praise go for her good responses and due attention given everytime we visited the clinic. This is for your information and records please.
Romen Ghosh

"I was impressed with the courtesy shown by ..."

I had an appointment for teeth checkup. This being my first experience with a commercialised dental organisation, I was a bit apprehensive about it. (In the past, I had visited our conventional dentist who treated his patients on a one on one basis. He did not have a team and his pricing/duration of treatment was not standardised) When I visited Sabka dentist at Mazagaon, I was impressed with the courtesy shown by the front office staff. Also at hand was a complete pricing plan for various treatments provided. This shows that the organisation is transparent and does not have a 'Smoke and Mirrors' policy with their patients. I was taken inside with just a couple of minutes after the appointed time which is understandable & acceptable. Once inside, Dr. Fatema Kantawala and her team displayed thorough skills, knowledge, compassion and professionalism. To see a team with an average age of under 30 years working in sync and delivering such a professional service is commendable. Keep up the good work and continue delivering over 100% patient satisfaction. With best wishes to all at the Mazagaon clinic.
Capt. Anis (Aamir) Bohra

"I was extremely pleased with the caring and ..."

I reside in the US and was down for a short vacation in Mumbai. I went to an old dentist I knew from around 10 years ago and had 4 filings done there. Somehow this time I wasn't very comfortable with the job done, so I wanted a second opinion. My mum suggested that I go to Sabka dentist since she had tried them a few months ago and had good feedback regarding them. Initially I was very skeptical, but I said I'd give it a try since if indeed I had to get the work re-done, it would be much cheaper for me to do it here in Mumbai than in the US. I scheduled an appointment with the Malad (W) branch and Dr. Akruti did the check-up. She found via x-rays that I still had decay in 2 of the teeth that I had just filled a few days ago. While attempting to fix those cavities, doctor found that they wound in fact be root canals since the decay had gone very deep. Knowing that I was on a tight schedule, Dr. Akruti managed to get me a same day appointment with Dr. Paras who is an endodontist. Dr. Paras had 2 root canals done on those teeth (I had my US dentist review those via x-ray a month ago and he found them to be done well). Dr. Akruti then had temporary crowns fixed since I was flying back in 2 days time day. That evening Dr. Akruti called and said that they could try and get permanent crowns before I left. I agreed. I was scheduled to leave for the airport around 10 pm. Dr. Akruti managed to get the crowns ready from the lab in time and had them fixed between 8-9 PM that evening and the very same night I flew back. I was extremely pleased with the caring and professional manner of the doctors as well as the office staff. They made me comfortable, and their bedside manner was better than any other dentist I have visited in India. Small gestures like asking if the patient is feeling comfortable, if the patient needs a few minutes break (I had my jaw open for a long time since I had long 1-2 hour appointments), explaining to the patient the details of the procedure the doctor was performing, etc. exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend Sabka dentist without any hesitation. Thank you Sabka dentist!

"I would like to highly recommend ..."

I would like to highly recommend the staff of "Sabka dentist" – Mazgaon branch, from Dr. Fatema Lokatwalla to the receptionist right down to the peon. They have been courteous, understanding and very patient with my father who is 81 years old and a difficult man. Dr. Fatema took the time to explain to him his problems with dentures and has taken in her strident all his questions. My father was also impressed with the specialist who came to make his dentures. We would like to say a big Thank-You to Dr. Fatema and her team and would give this particular branch a 5 star rating. One more point I would like to emphasize is the prompt reminders of appointments as well as updates in change of appointment. Thanking "Sabka dentist" once more.
Rashida Pereira

"In future, my dental treatments will be done at Sabka dentist!"

I live in the US and so was a bit sceptical as how dental services in India would be - but to be honest, it was a truly remarkable experience - I received the dental implant treatment at the Kandivali West clinic - the quality of services performed by Dr Komal Shah and her Team was outstanding - way above than what is done over here in the US - in terms of accurate advice, timely service, effective pain management, friendly follow ups and the best part - a very very affordable price. I look forward to doing all my dental treatments done only at Sabka dentist in future and have also recommended it to my family and friends. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors"
Punit Waghani

"Sabka dentist is fantastic!"

I walked into the Sabka dentist clinic at Aundh 2 months ago with some reservation. I have since visited 4-5 times. I was attended to by Dr Preeti Maurya. My experience has been very good. They stick to the appointed time, staff is courteous and the doctor was efficient, quick and treatment was perfect. Will I go to Sabka dentist again? Of course yes, without a doubt. Will I recommend My dentist to anyone? Yes indeed, without any hesitation. Thank you Sabka dentist and Dr Preeti for taking excellent care of my teeth! God bless.
Ravi Kakode

"I appreciate the service and treatment ..."

I appreciate the service and treatment given to me. It was just fantastic. I am very much happy with the Doctors and the staff. I wish them success and special thanks to Dr. Snehal Gaikwad and Dr. Sampat. My regards to them.
V. G. Rajeshirke

"I am satisfied with the Denture Treatment ..."

I am satisfied with the Denture Treatment. I have recommended some friend to come to Sabka dentist for dental treatment. The staff & Dentist are very co-operative. Thanks,
TS P Pattani

"I feel great and ..."

I came to Sabka dentist to get my teeth aligned. I was really nervous for it as the braces looks so threatening, but Dr Kyumi was so great and I had no complications. Doc helped me in choosing between the normal braces and the transparent ones. It seemed like the procedure was over a lot quicker than I expected! I feel great and you have helped me have a clean healthy smile at less price. Everyone at Sabka dentist here are friendly and professional. I got a reminder call every month for appointment which was appreciated a lot. They're all helpful bunch! I would highly recommend My Dentist for all the dental needs.
Kinjal Patel

"my experience at Sabka dentist ..."

Hi this is Shreyas, I recently visited your Mahim outlet, and i would like to give you my feedback. I always have been choosy about the dentistry treatment as it involves ample of money and time ,but my experience at Sabka dentist at Mori road Mahim has changed my perception towards it, the service was not only fast but even convenient the best part of the treatment was that i was not bluffed about ne thing and treatment was well sculpted,offered and explained both by the doctors and manager , Dr.Neha.Agrawal is good at her work and manager Sagar is so jolly that my mom who was was afraid to take me dental treatment even got convinced by him for the future treatment and i am glad that she will receive the treatment standards that she always wished for. Keep it up guys. Thanks Dr.Neha Agarwal, thanks Saagar

"Senior citizen satisfied..."

My name is Mrs. Alka Diwakar. I am 71 years old senior citizen residing in Pune. I have read your clinic's advertisement for free dental checkup in newspaper. I visited your clinic at Nalstop, karve road Pune. Dr. kamini Patel has examined my teeth problem thoroughly. She has suggested to extract all damaged teeth and fix a denture.I was nervous for extraction of teeth because of acute pain. But Dr. Kamini Patel has created a confidence in me by explaining procedure of extraction. Then I am ready for this work. She has removed my all teeth very gently.Her behavior was very polite and pleasant. I know experience makes one modified, traing makes one qualified, but involvement alone makes everyone satisfied. Dr. Kamini Patel has done all works with involvement in my case. She advised me that my lower jaw was damaged and hence, denture will not fit properly. Two teeth should be implant in lower jaw and then denture will fit properly. After one month, I visited clinic to show my physical condition after extraction. At that time Dr. Niranjan Joshi (expert) examined me and explain what is the advantage of denture with implant and without implant. But as we are retired person, and expenditure of implant is much more. But it was essential, I prepared to do the implant work. Yesterday, I received a phone from Dr. Kamini Patel that H.Q. has approved 10% discount on implantation as per her request made for us to H.Q. What a surprise! I am very happy to listen this news and kindness of Dr. Patel. If you have such dedicated employees then your ' Sabka dentist" will flourish like anything. Again Thank you Dr. Kamini Patel
Mrs. Alka Diwakar

"I am very pleased with ..."

It gives me great pleasure to write this review about my experience with Sabka dentist Clinic, Ghatkopar (E). I had been to a number of dentists in the past, but never was satisfied as the end result was not what I was looking for. When I went to Sabka dentist and explained to Dr. Prajkta what I was looking for, she gave the exact options in order to get what I wanted and helped me make the choice. Once the treatment course began, things went very smoothly as it took almost 3 months for the treatment to complete. There were constant appointment reminders, calling to check if things were okay, etc. Even the other doctors in the clinic, assisting staff, receptionist all are courteous and serve with a smile on their face which makes the patient feel comfortable. I am very pleased with the outcome of the treatment. Definitely, for any future dental work, I will go back to them and recommend the clinic to my family or friends who require any dental treatment.

"I am satisfied with my treatment ..."

I am satisfied with my treatment. All Dentists are co-operative and helpful. Dr. Nidhi gave me the treatment and I was happy about it. Thankyou,
Asha Patil

"You will fell a homely atmosphere ..."

This was my first experience with Sabka dentist and saying with guarantee it was really fantastic. The staff whole in all was excellent. So people with or without problem can come here with a relaxed mind & definitely trust the staff 100%. You will fell a homely atmosphere. Thanks,
Nitu VK

"I am very thankful towards ..."

I am expressing my opinion on getting treatment at Sabka dentist Thane Tembi Naka, When patients enter clinic they are greeted with respect, requested to sit and offered water. Clinic is very clean. Check up is done free of cost and appropriate treatment plan is given. Membership card is explained and 20% discount concept is explained. It is great savior in today's inflation time. I observed in this clinic all doctors work in harmony. The doctors, assistants and other staff members are caring and warm towards the patient. I was very afraid before going in the clinic as dental pain is very unbearable. The Dentist who treated me very efficiently is Dr. Snehal who is very responsible and make sure that the patient has no discomfort through out the treatment. I have no complaints and I am very satisfied with the treatment given. I am very thankful towards Dr. Snehal and the entire clinic staff for the affection shown towards me. Thanks,
Arun Adhikari

"The service I received was excellent ..."

I wish to thank you profoundly for the treatment I received. If I had known it was going to be effortless I would perhaps have volunteered much earlier. Your skills are top notch and your patience is appreciative. The service I received was excellent, flawless and friendly. I would normally feel nervous going to the dentist but instead my experience was painless and reliable. I will gladly recommend your services to all my friends and family. Thank you once again. Yours sincerely, Rajeev Sinnarkar.
Rajeev Sinnarkar

"The service at such an affordable price ..."

Heard so much about Sabka dentist. Finally I tried it and was mighty impressed with the service at such an affordable price. I got my teeth cleaned and doctor has recommended me 2 more rounds which I will do shortly. I was bit hesitant and apprehensive about Sabka dentist but after trying my doubts were put to rest. Well done team Sabka dentist Rishabh bhojania
Rishabh bhojania

"I am happy with the treatment ..."

I am happy with the treatment. Receiving was good. Charges are reasonable We are coming from Andhra Pradesh, but I have never seen this type of treatment in my town. Doctors are also very experienced person they know very well how to treat the patient. They always give good answers for our doubts with patiently. Honestly I give 9/10 voting for this treatment.
T. Santosh Kumar

"Thank you Sabka dentist for removing my fear of dentists ..."

Thank you for going over the steps of my procedure before performing the treatment. This was really helpful as i was really nervous before. Your reassurance that treatment would not be painful helped calm my fear and I finally got the treatment done.
Mrs. Narinder Kaur

"I thank Sabka dentist from the bottom of my heart ..."

"I thank Sabka dentist from the bottom of my heart ..."
S. D. Trivedi

"Great Staff at Sabka dentist, a real boon for us patients ..."

I have been acquainted with your entire staff of the Sabka dentist Mahim Branch for the last 6 months. I have found them well mannered in their approach in every aspect. Craftsmanship wise, my first experience with the doctors was excellent, I got my root canal done, the enitire staff was very caring towards Sr. Citizens, soft-spoken, co-operative and courteous. Besides, my overall experience described in just one word was 'Marvellous'. My wife, Mrs. Yasmin Balsara, is all praise for the doctor who did her 6 root canals in 4 hours at a stretch on the same day. Your entire staff including receptionists, dental assisstants and the door keeper are nice and co-operative. Hats off to the management which has ensured making assets here, a real boon for the patients. Maintaining Status Quo would undoubtedly go a long way in the larger interest for your Organization. Keep it up God Bless !
Nozer R. Balsara

"Great experience at Sabka dentist on my visit to India ..."

I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Sabka dentist for having attended to me and family’s dental procedures at Sabka dentist. I had a positive personal experience last year when I visited the Sabka dentist Fort clinic, they handled my case with utmost care and professionalism. Because of which I chose Sabka dentist for my wife and kid's treatment when I came to Mumbai this year too. I must thank you for making us feel so comfortable for all the 5-6 days that we came to the clinic for the procedures and the manner in which our matters were handled. Trust me if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gathered the confidence to go through with everything. Also thanks to your entire team at the Fort branch for taking good care while we were there. Wishing you all the success and we will definitely visit you on our next trip to India. Mr. Frank (U.A.E)
Mr. Frank (U.A.E)

"Sabka dentist clinic locations are very convenient ..."

Convenient location was the only factor in my mind while going for the treatment for the first time. Right from the first consultation, the experience has been exceptionally good. The experties of the doctors, the specialists/consulting doctors is really good. The best part, in addition of course to the dental expertise is the treatment/behaviour of the entire staff. The team work is found to be very goodHope the same with other clinics too. Thank to the Mahavir Nagar Clinic Team, Keep it up !!
Girish Hoskote

"Painless and systematic treatment at Sabka dentist ..."

I am 23 years old. I was very nervous about tooth removal. Dr. Nirmal patel gave me a treatment very fast. It was painless and systematic. The doctors at Ved Road clinic are very good. Thank you so much Dr. Nirmal Patel and Sabka dentist.
Maisuriya Karishma P.

"Great work for my front teeth at Sabka dentist ..."

I feel very good after the treatment of my front crown. Dentist are very smart and done all the work carefully. Thanks & regards,
Menakshi Patel

"Very skilfull and confident doctors at Sabka dentist ..."

This has reference to the dental treatment suggested and performed by your doctors. I wish to express great appreciation towards your dedication and skill in the dental treatment. I would also appreciate your confidence in the technology of treatment you have performed on me as an authorized dentist of 'Sabka dentist'. I m thankful to Mr. Sarfaraz his colleages and all your staff members at Sabka dentist Andheri East branch who extended full and heartly cooperation during my treatment. I hope the same from you in future if needed. Avinash Joshi
Avinash Joshi

"I slept peacefully after 4 months, Thank you Sabka dentist ..."

I visited the Sabka dentist Nerul West clinic, where Dr Akansha Jaiswal treated. The treatment and the entire process was very systematic. The environment at the clinic is very clean & hygienic. The staff at the clinic, both the doctors and the support staff were very helpful. After visiting the Sabka dentist clinic I got rid of all the pain I was suffering from, for so long and I finally slept peacefully after 4 months.
Anil M Palande

"Very reasonable treatment rates at Sabka dentist ..."

I would like to say that the treatment at Sabka dentist is very reasonable and the treatment given by the doctors is very good. Very nice to be here. I will recommend everyone to go for Sabka dentist.
Anuradha Bahot

"Very Co-operative staff at Sabka dentist ..."

I was treated by Dr. Shweta Nagdev. I am very much satisfied. All the staff is very co-operative.
Birbal Khosla (Film Artist)

"Honest and sincere doctors at Sabka dentist ..."

Dr. Varsha Singh is very honest & sincere in her duty. She behaves very nicely with patients. I am very satisfied with the treatment and service at Sabka dentist.
Manik Nimbalkar

"Thank you Sabka dentist for taking care ..."

Thank you for taking care of my teeth. Dr. Priyanka is an awesome doctor and I had a great experience with her. My teeth feel super healthy and the overall service at the clinic was brilliant.

"Energetic and efficient staff at Sabka dentist ..."

I visited Sabka dentist lately. I was very much pleased to find everybody so energetic and efficient here. They handle the clinic and their duties very well. I have visited again and decided to go ahead with my treatment here I am resident of Kolkata. I have requested them to start one branch at Kolkata. I shall extend whole hearted co-operation for this purpose. In their Chembur Clinic - I saw one photograph of Mahavir Swami Bhagwan and it was another matter of my pleasure. You are serving the society at a very reasonable rate. I appreciate this culture. I shall leave for Kolkata soon but I am very happy with my experience Sincerely yours Sampat Lal Jain
Sampat Lal Jain

"Homely atmosphere and great experience at Sabka dentist ..."

Sabka dentist, a very good experience for me. Very neat and tidy environment. Good doctor with good supporting staff. I was very much satisfied with the treatment and the dentist was very cooperative and friendly and guiding about my tooth decay. I really thank the doctors and the staff for a homely atmosphere. All the best Ramesh Nayak
Ramesh Nayak

"Thank you doctors and Sabka dentist ..."

For my front teeth & lower teeth, treatment done by Dr. Versha Singh was excellent. Now I can confidently talk to people. Main problems that I had with my teeth were Odourness and my teeth were look-wise bad. Both my problems are solved. Thank you doctors and Sabka dentist team Sanjay S Sankhe
Sanjay S Sankhe

"I am not scared of dentists anymore! ..."

I was very afraid at the beginning regarding my dental treatment. But once I started it at Sabka dentist, I was really happy with my treatment. All the doctors and staff are very polite and the treatment is also very cost effective. Lastly, I would recommend everyone for Sabka dentist for any kind of dental treatment. Regards Durga Jat
Durga Jat

"Very good doctors and hospitable staff at Sabka dentist ..."

I was very scared of dentists before visiting the clinic, however now I am very confident after my treatment. The co-operation and the hospitality given by the entire team, especially Dr. Akansha was very good. Now I have also recommended my family members to go and get their treatment from Sabka dentist. Wish you best of luck. Vijaya

"Will recommend Sabka dentist to everyone ..."

The doctors are very considerate and took total care and comfort during the entire session of treatments. Deep cavities were observed with temporary fillings which seemed like a good idea. I will recommend Dr. Pradhnya to my family as well. Overall, the session were very interactive so I know exactly what was being done to my tooth. Riddhima Sharma
Riddhima Sharma

"I had a very good experience at Sabka dentist ..."

I am very happy with the treatment and the service was excellent. Dr. Snehal is a very good and co-operative. I had a very good experience with the entire Sabka dentist's team. Thank you so much Reenu Vasistha
Reenu Vasistha

"Feeling positive and excited after visiting Sabka dentist ..."

The ambiance was so pleasant, hence we thought of starting our treatment at Sabka dentist. The doctor was absolutely perfect in her job. The way she dealt with me was extremely candid, at the same time very fast in what ever job that she is doing. Feeling positive and excited after visiting the clinic and particularly after my treatment. Thanks, Phani Kumar
Phani Kumar

"Very good detailed check-up at Sabka dentist ..."

We have got very good treatment, detailed check-up with satisfactory guidance for further treatment. Drs. and other staff good and polite. Thanks to Drs. and staff of Sabka dentist. Sidram Hulle
Sidram Hulle

"I am taking memories with me from Sabka dentist ..."

I took treatment at the Sabka dentist clinic. Everybody was so nice and considerate that I was very much impressed by the treatment I received.I am taking the memories with me. Mohamed Haroon
Mohamed Haroon

"All sincerity towards ensuring perfect execution at Sabka dentist ..."

I had got crown replacement for my front teeth. Dr. Jaya has done an excellent job and post setting of crown, its almost impossible to make out that its an artificial tooth. Dr. Jaya was meticulous in checking, recommending, selecting shade of crown, multiple trials... all sincerity towards ensuring perfect execution. My personal thanks to the doctor and wish her more success in all that she takes up in her chosen profession. Best wishes always, Hitendra Mehta
Hitendra Mehta

"Polite and supportive staff at Sabka dentist ..."

It was really a great experience being treated at Sabka dentist Matunga clinic, the staff and doctors are very polite and supportive. I am very happy with the root canal and cap Thanks, Dr. Ganesh Chaturbhuj
Dr. Ganesh Chaturbhuj

"Now I can smile in front of people" - thanks Sabka dentist ...

Missing a teeth is front is very painful so I consulted Sabka dentist for the treatment and I must say I have received a very good treatment and I am very happy with it. The doctors are also very friendly. After the treatment I am very very happy and now can smile in front of people. Chandan Singh
Chandan Singh

"I really appreciate the work done here at Sabka dentist ..."

Doctor's are very professional. Hygiene maintenance is perfect. Patient management is good. I would like to appreciate the work done here. Dr. Fatema very nice, thank you. good work. I am personally going to refer my friends to "Sabka dentist". Avinash P. Goregaonkar
Avinash P. Goregaonkar

"Very helpful, friendly and professional staff at Sabka dentist ..."

I want to thank Sabka dentist Andheri west clinic's Dr. Aswad in particular and rest of the staff in general. Dr. Aswad's care and attention was very professional as well as personal. He attended to my tooth problems very minutely, with minimum pain, maximum getting right, taking into attention my time constraints. I thank the team for accommodating me for visits and tolerating my change in schedule and also for the care and support during my treatment. All were helpful, friendly and like I said professional. They attended to my wife, my son who came from USA and my other son in Mumbai and extended the same service as above.

"Very happy with Sabka dentist, will definitely recommend people here! ..."

I am very happy with my treatment at Sabka dentist, Matunga clinic. Dr. Priyanka has done a very nice root canal. I will definitely recommend patients to Sabka dentist, Matunga clinic. Thanks
Rajeshree Patil

"I have never felt more comfortable with any other dentist in the past ..."

I have been under Dr. Aditya Anavkar care from 15.09.2014 till date. I have found him to be very intelligent, technically sound , hygienic and more importantly very friendly and caring doctor. I have been very comfortable under his treatment like dental fillings , re-fillings , cleaning and even while getting anesthesia injections in the gums. I have never felt more comfortable with any other dentist in the past. I have very strong faith in Dr. Anavkar, I have migrated from Navi Mumbai to Noida permanently due to a job change but still meet him , whenever I come to Navi Mumbai. I actually HOLD any dental treatment here in Noida up to my next visit to Navi Mumbai. I wish Dr. Anavkar a very bright future and all the very best in both his professional and personal lives.
Manoj Jolly

"You made it easy for a guy who was reluctant to visit a dentist - Thank you Sabka dentist ..."

I would like to thank you for a truly wonderful orthodontic treatment which I underwent at My Dentist Sanpada. If I look back, treatment was started somewhere around in Nov 2013. You made it easy for a guy who was quite reluctant to visit dentist in the first place as I hardly remember if I had ever visited any dentist in past. It was completely "at home" feel kind of treatment. I basically held up from Indore and was in dilemma before starting my treatment whether I should start it in Indore or Mumbai. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and at ease right from the day 1 of consultation appointment. Those two words may not be enough to express my deepest appreciation. My Dentist is also blessed to have such good assistants and support staff. I would like to thank Dr. Tanuja for the treatment that she did on my teeth. Entire treatment was very comfortable.Your professionalism and humor made all the difference for me. My teeth feel better than they have in years.Thanks to your magic touch,expertise that my teeth feel almost normal again without any extraction (other than 1 milk tooth), and what a relief that is after feeling little weird around 1.5 years. You’re the best !I thank the good Lord for the talent and ability he has blessed you all with.Thank you for all you've done. Again, thank you for your kindness, I remember couple of times when metallic bracket came out, you rebounded it again as if nothing had happened. Special thanks to all support Drs and staff as well.You have gained my trust and always will always have it.I definitely look forward to our next meeting.
Rachit Saki
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