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Sabka Dentist is one of the top dental clinics in Mumbai and is the largest chain of dental hospitals in Mumbai with more than 100 clinics across Mumbai. We started our first clinic in Mumbai in 2010 with the intent of providing high-quality dental treatments to all Mumbaikars at affordable costs and in the last 9 years, our dental centers in Mumbai have treated more than 6,00,000 patients with world-class expert care.

Sabka Dentist stands out amongst the dental hospitals in Mumbai by its top-notch service and facilities. We are frequently rated as one of the best dental hospitals in Mumbai. Our dental centers in Mumbai have all the equipment and facilities that the best dental clinic in Mumbai should have. Our doctors who practice at our top dental clinics are qualified and trained at the best institutes in India. Dentists at Sabka Dentist have worked at the top dental hospital in India and are very skilled & have treated more than 6,00,000 patients. They provide treatments like cleaning, scaling, extraction, root canals, crown, bridge, denture, implant, braces.

We regularly feature in the list of best dental clinics or list of best dental hospitals in Mumbai. Sabka Dentist Chain of Dental Clinics has more than 100 dental clinics across various cities in India. We are very careful about sterilization and hygiene and maintain the topmost standards for the same, thus earning us the recognition of one of the best dental clinics in Mumbai.

Why Choose Sabka Dentist?

Sabka Dentist is frequently featured in the list of list of best dental hospitals in Mumbai. At, Sabka Dentist we want to make treatment affordable, available and accessible to everybody. All our centers have the same instrumentation and equipment. We strive to provide standard treatment across all our clinics. Each center of Sabka Dentist has the same pricing for all treatments.

One of our biggest differentiators is our policy of transparency. We provide a printed diagnosis sheet and quotations as a part of the Free Checkup and Consultation session. With this, we want to remove the basic barrier to preventive checkup due to the cost of the checkup. The patient can take the quotation home and talk to the family or even take a second opinion. After which, he/she can make a decision of committing to the treatment. We also provide all our prices in the form of a price list on our website as well as in our centers. To view our price list visit

We believe in the “STEEEP” as our fundamental policy.

STEEEP stands for:

1. Safe.
2. Timely.
3. Effective.
4. Efficient.
5. Equitable.
6. Patient-centered.

STEEEP is used by the ADA as a measure of the quality of care. It suggests that clinics should try to provide services that are safe by avoiding injury and discomfort to patients. They should render timely treatment and minimize delay by ensuring time-bound treatments. Doctors must make efforts towards effective care for effective prognosis, and maintain high efficiency in delivering the service. This can be done by efficient use of products and equipment. It will also help to minimize the cost of service to the patient without compromise in quality of care. Finally, treatments should be patient-centred and dentists should understand individual patient needs, preferences and circumstances. It is because of this patient-centric approach that Sabka Dentist is regularly featured as one of the best dental hospitals in Mumbai.

Hence, you can choose Sabka Dentist for your oral-care requirements because of the following:
1. We understand every individual patient’s need and customise our treatments accordingly.
2. Checkups and Consultations are Free at Sabka Dentist.
3. We provide a printed diagnosis chart and quotation to all patients after a checkup.
4. Our pricing is standardised and displayed clearly online and in all our centers.
5. We provide complete information and knowledge on dental problems to ensure that you can make informed decisions on treatments.
6. We follow standard clinical protocols to achieve consistent and predictable outcomes.
7. Our post-treatment followup team communicates with patients to ensure good patient compliance and clinical results.
8. We provide a printed invoice and receipt for all treatments and maintain the highest levels of corporate governance.

What are the Services/ Treatments that are provided at Sabka Dentist?
As one of the top dental hospitals in Mumbai, we ensure that we offer the latest in infrastructure and safety to our patients –
1. Check-up: Our dentists recommend that every individual gets a checkup every 6 months. In a checkup, our dentist does a thorough checkup of each tooth to find early signs of dental problems so that future problems can be avoided.
2. Extractions:
Extractions are a basic service for removal of decayed teeth or when teeth are removed for clinical reasons.
3. Oral Surgery: Oral surgery is performed by our oral surgeons who are qualified MDS oral surgeons.
4. Cleaning and Scaling of Teeth: We recommend that for strong and healthy teeth one must
get a cleaning every 6 months. We use an ultrasonic device to remove the tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth which is followed by polishing of the teeth.
5. Cavity Filling: We use the best quality imported resins to fill cavities which are long-lasting.
6. Replacing missing teeth: We recommend replacing missing teeth with Crowns, Bridges or Implants which are fixed prosthetics. And sometimes also with dentures when fixed prosthetics are not possible.
7. Orthodontic Treatments & Braces: Misaligned teeth and teeth with gaps in between can be corrected using Braces or Orthodontics.
8. Periodontics or Treatment of the Gums: Gums are treated in case of infections or gum disease or periodontitis.
9. Root Canal Treatment or RCT: We have special experts or endodontists who are experts
at root canal treatment.
10. All other treatments.

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Technology and Facilities at Sabka Dentist:
All our centers have the same technology, instrumentation and facilities. We have tops of the line equipments like lasers, Physiodispensers, Micro Processor Controlled Endodontic Equipments and other advanced technologies.

We use high-quality materials from companies like Kodak, 3M, Dentsply, Coltene Whaledent, Nobel Biocare, ADIN, etc. Our doctors are trained and skilled at using the latest technology. We regularly get featured on the list of top best dental hospital in Mumbai because of this reason.

How can Sabka Dentist help you in maintaining Oral Health?
Sabka Dentist believes in improving the overall health of society. We provide Free Checkups and also low-cost preventive oral care like cleanings and scalings. We have treated more than a million patients in India. Our centers in Mumbai have treated more than 6 Lakh patients. We keep following up with our patients to ensure that they come for preventive checkups every 6 months. Our customer-centric focus has earned us recognition as one of the best dental clinics in Mumbai.

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