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Having treated over 10 million patients, We at Sabka dentist believe in creating and making smiles on people’s faces. Every patient is not only being treated but gaining some guidance and valuable knowledge from experts. Our motive is to give different taste of dentistry to patients, where patients are treated with utmost care and at every step making the experience filled with knowledge and information for them. We Sabka dentist dental clinic have 550 experts updated with highly skills, come together at one single place to provide solutions to every dental issues. We always look out to give our patient treatment in a calm surrounding, treated well by our staff, a pleasing environment where patients experience feel at home and enjoy the treatment in a comfortable environment.
Many of us choose a dental clinic by their outer appearance of infrastructure and their impressive achievements. But, there is a lot more to know behind these features. Sabka dentist in Malad East provides you the best dental treatment with best dental services. From having best infrastructure to keep dental hygiene at clinics, from using high technology instruments to have best experts panel and cooperative staff, convenient places and providing patient satisfaction is what we always endeavor to achieve.

Our loyal and growing patient base is the proof of the foundation of trust and appreciation within the family making it bigger and broader just like your most beautiful smile.

Facilities provided at Sabka dentist in Malad East

Affordable cost:

Many patients who need dental treatment always consider two main factors; the first is the best dentist who can provide the treatment at their level best. Second is that people who look out for the efficient treatment with effective cost. We Sabka dentist in Malad East provides the dental treatment at a very affordable cost. Trust us, every treatment you get here will make you satisfied and worthwhile.

Checkup and consultation:

At Sabka dentist in Malad East we provide patients Consultation and X-rays at free cost and dental checkup at very low cost. We always try to achieve bigger goals in life, but not only by giving treatments we also try to be in touch with our patient for lifelong to maintain their oral health care too. Our expert recommend to each patient for dental checkup every six months.

Advanced technology:

We Sabka dentist use the highest standard of technologies that are constantly updated. We always try to achieve and keep aware of the emerging technologies to create the patients experience with high satisfaction. Here are some technologies below Sabka dentist uses to ensure the best technology user:

  1. Digital Dental X-rays
  2. Invisalign
  3. CAD-CAM Crown (Computer Assisted Design) and (Computer Assisted Manufacturing)
  4. Laser dentistry
  5. Dental implants
  6. Zoom whitening

TMJ disorders:

Sabka dentist in Malad East treats an array of dental issues one of which is the TemporoMandibular joint disorders and, which is evident by symptoms of acute pain in front of the ear which can radiate to the neck, shoulders, jaw, and therefore lead to causing migraines.

Dental veneer:

Dental veneer creates a good smile and appearance on your face. Due to Root canal treatment, discolored teeth, broken teeth and misaligned teeth etc, therefore, veneers are used. Trimming and placing or cementing of veneer is done the shape or size of teeth proper.

Teeth cleaning & scaling:

Our dentist in Malad East recommend every patient to clean teeth and take care of the oral health. Teeth cleaning prevent teeth from various bacteria, cavities, gum disease, plaque & tartar and toxins. Plaque and tartar are the shelters of bacteria, so it is necessary to clean plaque and tartar to prevent gum disease. Teeth cleaning and polishing gives patients a bright and cheerful smile on their faces.

Dental implant:

Having implant to keep in mind the structure, size and function of natural teeth. At Sabka dentist in Malad East you will get the services of replacement of missing teeth with artificial teeth. If you need to replace a few or all teeth with diligence we are there to help you with implant treatment. It corrects your bite and you can have your healthy food as natural teeth.

Root canal treatment:

Having a toothache and tooth decay, gum disease and tendering of tooth due to having infected pulp inside the nerve, which needs the treatment of RCT to remove the infected pulp or remove the nerve only. Pain is normal in this process and it takes 2 to 3 sessions to done root canal treatment.

Dental crown:

Dental crown is also known as cap. For example if you have missing tooth, tooth injury, and having Root canal treatment or wisdom teeth to cover the gap or unprepared tooth, therefore, the dental crown is placed which looks as exactly as natural teeth. There are many varieties of crowns available at Sabka dentist in Malad East.


Having crooked teeth, misaligned teeth which make your smile dull. To correct Deep bite, open bite and increased overjet , you need to have orthodontic treatment (Braces). Many types of braces available at Sabka dentist in Malad East.

Tooth extraction:

The need for extraction of teeth when patients have wisdom teeth, tooth injury, tooth decay and infected teeth ( if not possible from RCT), as a result, the teeth are removed or extracted.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery:

We have the facility to do oral surgery for example, removal of impacted wisdom teeth which is also known as third molar. These third molars if not removed can cause pain, swelling and infection around wisdom teeth. Also, surgery to insert dental implants, pre-prosthetic surgery etc.

5 ways to take decision to choose the right dental clinic-

Offering dental services: With wide range dental services, we offer the choice of treatment to provide better services and healthcare of patients. We also provide service of emergency treatments whenever and wherever needed. We offer easy payment option also with EMI process; patients can have their treatment without the fear of spending money at one time.

Suggestion from family & friends: Do you have someone whom you look out to and ask every possible solution to them? What about asking dental experience? Do ask your loved ones who will suggest you to visit best dental clinic for you. Sabka dentist has been giving their world class treatment since 2010, and providing every possible dental treatment and facing dental problem at every stage of challenges.

Advanced technology: Choosing the right dental clinic experienced and well versed with technology. Using constantly updated technologies is one of the main factors every patient consider before visiting any dental clinic.

Convenient place: Would you believe to go far from your location for your best dentist? Or are you still prefer the dentist in your locality? We Sabka dentist have operating setups across 5 cities namely Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Surat, Pune and Bangalore. Leading with largest chain of dental clinics. Providing dental care within your locality and across the city with premium services.

Pleasant environment & Welcoming staff: every patient who walks in our clinic we make sure that each one treated well by our staff, from our dentists with warm welcoming. Taking care of places to maintain hygiene, because it gives patients a pleasant environment and keep them to visit dental clinic without thinking twice.

Meet with our dentists: We Sabka dentist in Malad East have the best panel of dentists on board who have completed their 5 years of undergraduate in bachelor of dental surgery, also with regular acquiring training to update their skills and be well versed with upcoming technologies. To provide treatment with taking care of healthcare, We also have consultation fee at free cost.

How can Sabka dentist in Malad East help?

So are you a victim of oral disease? Want to be fearless when it comes to dental treatment? Many people think that dental procedure is sort of painful and costly. This is the time to change the perspective of people, because we Sabka dentist Malad East is best at its giving solution to every dental problem at very economical cost, and this is what we take pride in. Providing free consultation and X-rays, treated over 1,50,000 RCT, 1,60,000 Prosthetics, and many more good credentials are on its way. Leading with largest chains of dental clinic we claim to provide the best dental care to our patients which they had never experienced before anywhere. Our most associated dentist graduated with MDS and having practical experience of years assure to cater best of treatment with utmost care. Come to us and experience the dentistry differently.

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