Teeth Cleaning Process & Cost

Many people practice a good oral hygiene routine and think they have no risk of forming cavities. But this is not true. Because plaque or tartar may develop even with a careful routine of brushing and flossing. Especially in the areas where cleaning substance are difficult to reach. Hence professional teeth cleaning becomes necessary for removing such growing risk.

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What is tooth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is the non-surgical procedure wherein your dentist will check up your teeth and cleans the tartar deposits, plaque and bacterial toxins from the outer layer of the teeth.

Why should I get teeth cleaning regularly?

Natural teeth are the precious and worth ounce of care. Infection in the mouth can spread the toxins to other parts of the body. So oral health care should be your priority in your checklist. However, you can expect below-mentioned benefits from professional teeth cleaning.

1. Prevent cavity formation:

The cavity will not form overnight. It shows its signs in an early stage. And then it penetrates to the inner layer of the tooth. Before spreading to the next level your dentist can save your tooth with the teeth cleaning process.

2. Prevent bad breath:

Have you wondered why you have bad breath even after brushing daily? this is because of plaque. Plaque cannot be removed by any home remedies. Once it formed, It can only removable by clinical devices (Ultrasonic scaling device).

3. Stop the active bacterias:

The existing plaque and tartars are the shelter for bacterias. Through this, it will start to spread to other teeth surrounding this. To prevent these risk teeth cleaning is the ideal treatment.

What is the procedure of teeth cleaning?

In Sabka dentist clinics our professional dentists will perform the cleaning process in a very efficient manner. The process is as follow:

A physical examination:
When you visit the clinic the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth. He/she will check for the signs of cavity, tartar, and plaque. He checks the health of your gumline or any appearing signs.

Removing the plaque and gum line:
after the oral examination, the dentist will start the teeth cleaning treatment. They will use an ultrasonic scaling device with sonic vibration to remove the plaque from the tooth surface. Then the gum-line will be targeted, he will remove all the accumulated tartar from the gum line. You will hear a scraping noise during this process. But it is normal and it will not harm your tooth. The more tartar you have the more time it will take to clean.

Fluoride cleaning:
Once the tartar removed completely, the dentist will brush the teeth with a high powered electric brush. You may hear a grinding noise in this process. But it is helpful for the deep clean of the teeth.
Then the dentist will apply the fluoride gel. The gritty consistency of the toothpaste scrubs the teeth gently. It gives good polish to the teeth.

Once all the process is done the dentist will ask you to rinse. At this point, your mouth will be completely cleaned. The dentist will reexamine and discusses any discomfort you have. He also checks the face, neck, and ears for any other oral issues.

How many visits are required?

Usually, teeth cleaning is done in one visit. But depending upon the severity it may vary. Your dentist will suggest 2-4 visits if you have a deeper level of plaque.

Are there side effects from regular teeth cleaning treatment?

There is no side effect from the treatment. During the treatment, you may feel a little jaw discomfort. Or you may feel the machine sound scary. But it will not make you any harm.

What is oral care after the treatment?

There is no special care will be advised. You can do your regular activities. But the dentist will advise you to maintain oral hygiene. This will help you to prevent further forming of plaque.

Can I do teeth cleaning at home?

There is some toothpaste available in the market which claims that they clean the teeth. They are helpful to remove stains. Once the plaque is formed it will be removed only by the dentist’s clinic only. Hence this toothpaste will help to last the treatment.

Where I can find a good doctor?

Dental cleaning is the basic procedure, and any dentist in the city can offer this treatment. Although In Sabka dentist clinics we offer high standard professional cleaning with affordable prices. You can find the price and the nearest clinic on our site.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Priyanka Shingore Dental director of Sabka dentist says “as other parts of the body dental health are important. Once the tooth is damaged it will not heal itself. So Dr.Shingore advice regular cleaning as it removes some accumulated plaque which may lead to the cavity”.

  • Dr. Reena Waghela BDS, Dental Director for Clinical Operations at Sabka Dentist says “teeth cleaning removes plaque from the teeth and gums where your brush is hard to reach”.

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Brushing can only clean 80% of your teeth. Hence a teeth cleaning is necessary which allows professional to see your teeth”.


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